" Oh my goodness, she's an amazing talent! I'd like to be involved from the ground level."

Gayle Holcomb, Senior VP of Artist Development, The William Morris Agency 

"That girl is way too talented to just be singing country. She's got it all."

"I haven't seen anybody move on stage like her since Michael Jackson."

Max Gousse-Exec. VIP A&R and new business development, Music World Entertainment 

"Angela-a fearless singer and a hard worker...two things that are always appreciated by a producer!"

"Her attention to the emotional dynamic and to the relationship between the lyric and the vocal performance are priceless."  

Trey Bruce, Producer/Songwriter, Creative Chrysalis Music

"A star on the rise, I would develop her in any arena of the entertainment world."

"She is an amazing cross-over talent."

Nick Light, Artist Development 

"It's difficult for someone like me to miss true talent when I see it. It's my job! This girl has got it! The looks, the voice, and the personality! She's a triple-threat in every sense of the term and I'm thrilled to continue to watch this shooting star on the rise!"

Jacob Gitzis-Casting Director, CEG/MTV Casting (NY)

"I was blown away by her talent. She is a huge talent just waiting to be found. Beyond her voice she is an incredible human being. I look forward to her future stardom in Country Music."

Alan Wright-VP-Franchise Division, The Krystal Company 

"Armed with a voice as big as Texas and a dynamite stage presence...soaring talent. Angela's purpose is simple: she loves to perform. She draws inspiration from interaction with the crowd rather than recognition, and she performs tirelessly."

Countrystyle, TX Magazine

"The girl can sing-and she ain't bad looking to boot!"

Rick Perry, Former Lieutenant Texas Governor of Texas/United States Secretary of Energy

"Angela is a phenomenal entertainer, incomparable to any other female on stage (hands down) and she has the pipes to back that sass up! I am proud to call her my friend...wish I had produced her first!"

Ira Dean-Producer, Touring Artist, Musician, Songwriter 

"Her heart beats in a song. She was born for the biggest stage in the world; and she is more dedicated to her God-given talents than anyone I have ever met."

Tommy Tallarino-Headlining Comedian

"Angela Peterson has true star quality. She has the audience in the palms of her hands!"

Jeff Howard, Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) Representative 

"The fact that this girl doesn't have a record deal is preposterous."

Ian Edwards-National Headlining Comedian

"Check out the little angel with the crazy pretty eyes and angel voice!"

Pauly Shore-Actor/National Headlining Comedian

"Angela has great talent as a singer AND performer, quite possibly, if not the MOST sexy and attractive woman I have ever met! I believe in her!"

Tony Morra-former professional touring drummer for Martina McBride

"Ya gotta hear the pipes on this young girl!"

Mike Marino-The Mafia Don Comedian